Feast like an Emperor with this trio of ancient herbs.


How to identify your seedlings:

Marjoram seedlings have spade shaped, hairy leaves and offer a spicy aroma. Marjoram plants like to be positioned in full sun and well drained soil.

Thyme seedlings have small, oval leaves and a dry aroma. Thyme plants enjoy full sun in well drained soil.

Basil seedlings have oval shaped and glossy leaves with an aromatic scent. Basil plants are happy on a bright and sunny windowsill or outside in moist but well drained soil.

It's wise to position your herbs close to the house so that you’ll always have a supply on hand, and you can best enjoy their beautiful fragrance. Plucking the leaves and pinching out the tips regularly will encourage a compact bushy shape, with plenty of healthy new foliage.

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